This was the topic the Lord laid on my heart to preach on Sunday (15.3.20) evening in our Church Service at Grace Baptist Church in East London. Preaching on a topic like this, does not mean belittling the problem of corona virus. We are to take our human responsibility seriously but not to lose the sight of our God’s Absolute Sovereignty.

The plague of Sin is more serious and has eternal consequences than any other virus or viruses. The aim of my message was not just to speak about the plague of Sin and its consequences. But to preach Jesus Christ, the only ONE Great Physician (Mark 2:17; Luke 5:31) in the whole world, who alone can save from this plague of Sin. The dying, are to do only one work, not works, as Jesus Himself says in John 6:28-29, John 3:14-19. 

Dear Friends! Let us be encouraged and continue to look up to God’s Throne in Heaven. In fact, on Sunday evening (8.3.20) I preached from Revelation 4 under the subject: Look up to God’s Throne

Note from Pastor Elisha John

Written: 16.3.20 uploaded here on 17.3.20