New Year’s Happiness – A question!

I want to ask a question to those who are not truly saved. How can this New Year 2015 be a very happy one? Prophet Jeremiah said, “The harvest is past, The summer is ended, And we are not saved.” (Jeremiah 8:20 NKJV)

Many used the word “Happy” in the last week as they remembered the Birth of Jesus Christ. God has given His Best and the Most Precious Gift (John 3:16) to this fallen world. When someone gives us a gift, we must accept it or receive it. Rejecting a gift not only would be deemed so rude but insulting the giver. How much more we must value God’s Only Begotten Son. Believing in the Son of God not only means seeing the value of the Son of God but receiving Him as your Saviour and Lord. He was born to save us from our sins.

The Sin of first Adam was the root cause to Man’s all unhappiness and misery. But thank God for the Second Adam, the perfect Man who was born to deliver us (Romans 5) from the bondage of Sin and Satan.

True Happiness is only to be found in Jesus Christ. There is no true and lasting happiness apart from Christ. Before you can receive Him, there must be true sense of Sin as to what Sin is and repentance toward God. There is no forgiveness of sins for a lost sinner without true repentance. The Blood of Jesus Christ is able to cleanse us and forgive us from all our sins but there must be true repentance from sins. Please note “True repentance & remission of sins” are linked together and are preached in Christ’s Name (Luke 24:47)

May the Holy Spirit open your eyes to see the wonder of Christ’s Name, Person & the glorious Work. (Amen!)



Note from Pastor John on the first day of the year 2015





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