What is it all about?

Pentecost is not about speaking strange and confusing tongues. It is not about jumping up and down in hysterical manner. In fact, it is an unholy thing to behave under the name of the Spirit who is not only called “The Holy Spirit” but also “The Spirit of Truth”

The purpose of the Holy Spirit’s coming on the Day of Pentecost was to glorify the Crucified & the Risen Saviour. God chose the Pentecost Day for a global Gospel Mission. For example, on the Day of Pentecost (Acts 2) Peter preached in his own Galilean language but people who had come from other parts of the world, understood Peter’s message in their own languages. So tongues here meant – sensible languages!

Peter, John and the other apostles when they were led and filled with the Holy Spirit, they preached and magnified the Crucified, risen and the glorified Saviour. Read Acts chapters 3 & 4 and the rest of the book of Acts. May the Lord deliver us from the present day so much confusion under the name of the Holy Spirit which is not “Holy” but unholy.

If a Christian is filled and controlled by the Holy Spirit, what you will see in his/her life is the fruit of the Spirit which is Love, that is to say the love of God. Read Galatians chapter 5:22-26 and Ephesians chapter 5


Note from Pastor E. John

June 2014


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