This is The Day

No doubt every day is God’s day but why have I entitled this little note as “This is The Day!” These are not my words but the opening words of Psalm 118:24 which was the text of my morning message on 5 April 2015. The verse reads “This is the day the LORD has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” (NKJV)

This portion of God’s Word answers two basic questions. One, which day did the Psalmist have in mind? Two, why did the LORD make it? I shall say few things briefly as follow:

(A) This is not “a day” but “the day” which the LORD has made. The definite article “the” with “Day” is in the original Hebrew Text.

(B) The One who has made it, His Name is revealed here as the LORD. The Hebrew word used for this name is “Jehovah” which reveals to us God’s relationship to His people as their Covenant Redeemer God! Please make note of this name in connection to this special day. Here we have God’s Name not mentioned as our Creator but the Covenant Redeemer. It is important to note in order to understand the question of “which day?” Let me explain. We don’t believe in “Saturday” Sabbath day. Those who do so today are in error. The Sabbath rest of Saturday under the Old Testament speaks about God’s rest from the work of Creation and not Redemption. But “the first day of the week” the phrase used in the New Testament which is now our Sunday is “The LORD’s Day” and “this is The Day” on which Jesus Christ rose from the Dead. It was this Day that the Psalmist believed in and predicted nearly one thousand years before Christ came into this world to save us from our sins. Now “this is the day” can also mean “The Gospel day” but essentially what is in view is the Resurrection Day of our Lord Jesus Christ.

(C) Context of Psalm 118:24: vv.22-23

In fact, it is the immediate context of our text. You cannot miss the point. In the immediate context Psalmist having predicted Christ’s rejection or the state of Humiliation, then alluded to the state of Christ’s Exaltation and then soon after mentioned “This is The Day” which the LORD has made. Remember my friends! The Resurrection of Jesus Christ was the beginning point of Christ’s state of Exaltation. Heavenly Father was pleased by His Son’s perfect Sacrifice for our sins. It was Father’s will to exalt His Son.

Now let us see how this Psalm text is quoted in the New Testament and its fulfilment in Christ.

1. Jesus Christ Himself quoted from Psalm 118 in the parable of the wicked vine-dressers or the wicked tenants. Jesus spoke about His Death of the Cross at the hands of the wicked religious leaders and rulers. Matthew, Mark and Luke have recorded this parable, Matt 21:42; Mark 12:10; Luke 20:17.

2. Peter quoted the very context of our Psalm Text. Read Acts 4:10-12. Peter had just mentioned the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the Dead. Read also 1-Peter 2:7

Now the question as to why the LORD has made this Day? The answer is in our Psalm Text and it is this, “….We will rejoice and be glad in it.”

Those who are redeemed by the Blood of Christ and have believed in the Death and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, do indeed rejoice and are glad in this day of our Saviour’s Victory over Sin, satan, death and grave. Christ’s grave is empty today because He is not in the grave but Risen indeed and lives forevermore. The joy which the Lord Jesus has given us by His Resurrection from the Dead will now never end but will last for timeless Eternity. We know this not only everyday in our lives but especially every time we meet to worship on the LORD’s Day. Please read Hebrews chapter 4.


Note by Pastor E. John

Attached here on 8.4.15