It was not long ago I preached from Proverbs chapter 8 where Wisdom speaks of Prudence: “I wisdom dwell with prudence” (Proverb 12:8)  Here are just few lines from the beginning of my Gospel sermon notes.

Please note carefully that Wisdom speaks in the first person singular “I” and continues to speak right through to the end of Proverbs chapter 8. Now “Wisdom” here in chapter 8 is Christ speaking to us.

Christian commentators have tried to understand this expression, “I wisdom dwell with prudence” in two ways: Either it can mean “The house in which I dwell” or “I dwell with my companion, that is to say prudence.” Whatever way you take this expression, it simply means, “Christ was and is fully possessed with Prudence.”

Definition of Prudence: It means “Shrewdness” and this “Shrewdness” is used in the good sense. It is ability in the area of not to be misled or misguided.  One of the main purposes of the book of Proverbs is “To give prudence to the simple….”  (1:4)

The simple are those who can easily be persuaded or misled. Simple ones lack Wisdom and can easily be deceived.

Christ calls upon sinners to turn from Sin and turn to Him in faith. We learn that Christ who calls upon sinners to seek Him with all their heart, is the one who himself displayed all prudence when He was tempted by Sin and temptations unto Sin as the Suffering Servant here on earth. Hence He is our Saviour from Sin. He is able to deliver us from the bondage of Sin, Satan, the condemnation of the Law and eternal Hell.

Please read these few Scriptures: John 1:1,14 Luke 2:46,47 1-Corinthians 1:21-25

Christ gives wisdom and sense to kings and rulers of the earth. He tells here “By Me kings reign.” Those in Royal palaces owe to our Lord Jesus for their rule and reign. Dear friends, don’t be carried away by the pomp and show of earthly kings and their riches which are passing away but the blessings of Christ’s Redemption are lasting as He tells you here in His Word. The blessings of Christ’s Work of Redemption cannot be compared with earthly treasures and riches. Christ is our Righteousness!  (Amen)

Note from Pastor E. John

Dated: 17.10.14


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